Special Report: Anchor Paul LaGrone flew with the US Coast Guard to deliver supplies to Puerto Rico

Action News first local station on the ground
Posted at 6:24 PM, Sep 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-25 21:21:53-04

We landed on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico, about 2 hours west of San Juan, at the airport near the city of Borinquen. This was the area closer to the Guajataca Dam that is in danger of breaking, although there are now conflicting reports that the dam may actually hold up. Nevertheless, the coast guard redirected their flight there at the last minute before we took off because of the direct response to call for help on that side of the island.

As we touchdown in Borinquen, on board the Coast Guard C-130 was water and generators. The mission was clear and the timing was urgent.

"The biggest challenge is figuring out what exactly they need and when they need it," said the pilot of The C-130, Lt. Commander Alex Moore.

Basic needs are now luxuries after Hurricane Maria knocked out power to the entire island...decimating food sources and crippling communication.

The relief is now flowing in. The Coast Guard unloaded the water and generators right after we landed.

As the night closed in on an island already cloaked in darkness, the people of Puerto Rico put another day of desperation to rest and put their hopes in a tomorrow that promises the delivery of progress, measured not in time, but home by home and street by street.