Siblings arrested for kidnapping woman set to testify in rape case

Posted at 7:14 PM, Apr 26, 2017

Hillsborough County Deputies arrested three siblings and another man for holding a woman in a house at gunpoint for an entire night because she's set to testify in a rape case.

19-year-old Sarah Morico says she was raped two years ago by Anthony Gambrell, then 24-years-old, at her home in Manatee County.

He was arrested for the crime in February of this year.

Since then, Morico and her family moved to Ruskin.

Morico says she received a message on Facebook from an old friend, 25-year-old Valerie Broviak, this past weekend. Broviak also lives in Ruskin.

"Saying, 'Oh hey Sarah. How you been? I really want to see you. I haven't seen you in so many years,'" Morico explained.

Morico says she was excited to see her old friend and decided to take her up on the offer. Broviak came to Sarah's home with her three children in the car with her. All of them left and went to another home where they picked up Broviak's boyfriend, Adam Gambrell. Morico didn't realize at the time that Gambrell is the brother of the man she is accusing of rape. After picking up Gambrell, they all drove to another home where Broviak's siblings, Scott Broviak and Brittany Broviak, were waiting. Sarah says she learned Brittany Broviak is dating the now incarcerated Anthony Gambrell. She quickly learned she was being set up for an attack.

"I heard a click-click and saw Adam with a gun. Scott had a gun too," Morico said.

At the time, Morico says she was holding one of Valerie Broviak's children.

"(Adam) was aiming at my head, while I'm holding an infant," she said. "(Adam) strictly told Brittany, Valerie and Scott not to let me leave. I was supposed to wait there until the next day. That's when everything was supposed to go down," Morico said, believing the plan was to kill her.

Morico says she doesn't know where the home is located, but was held there for an entire night. She says there was a gun pointed at her nearly the entire time. But at some point, the two men left the room and Morico says Valerie Broviak had a change of heart.

"Valerie said, 'I'm sorry. I'm going to sneak you home. Let's go. Come on. Come on," she said.

Morico says Valerie dropper her off at home, but she's still scared someone may still attack her.

"I just want them to leave me alone. That's all I want," Morico said while holding back tears. "So I can live my life and move on from the stuff that happened to me."