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Seminole Heights resident proposes ‘Bunker Lookout Strategy' to capture killer

People asked to take shifts looking out windows
New strategy to catch Seminole Heights killer
Posted at 10:25 PM, Nov 16, 2017

TAMPA, Fla. The search for a heartless killer stalking victims in the night, then murdering them in cold blood is in a desperate state.

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Tampa police released surveillance video that shows a man walking calmly through the streets of Seminole Heights until finding his victim, taking aim, then opening fire. What is even more terrifying is that after each crime the killer returns to his hiding spot, until re-emerging again.

No one ever wants the killer to re-emerge, unless it’s in handcuffs. Residents know police can’t patrol every street, be in every alley or vacant lot. That’s why Jordan Jimenez is now asking residents to be even more proactive.

“The strategy of a Bunker Lookout, and this is more of a defense strategy like a war defense, is to have all eyes on the streets at all times,” Jimenez said.

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Jimenez spent hours crunching data from the Hillsborough County Tax Appraiser’s Office.  He then made a map and schedule for residents to take turns in their own homes looking out the window, keeping a constant watch on the streets and sidewalks for anyone walking around that matches the suspect description.

“There’s over 500 homes in this one area, so if we can get people to their windows to be in a safe place to look out onto their streets it’s definitely going to help a lot,” Jimenez said.  

On a digital conference call Jimenez explained his plan to five people.  One person told him it was a good idea the others didn’t talk. Jimenez said it is a start.  He plans to explain his strategy again to anyone else willing to listen on Monday.
The search for the killer prompted Governor Rick Scott to deploy FHP troopers to patrol the area in Seminole Heights to help Tampa Police.

At a meeting with the NAACP Hillsborough Branch, members handed out flyers with the victims' photos and names on them.  

The chief of police says they won’t give up until the families of Benjamin Mitchell, Monica Hoffa, Anthony Naiboa, and Ronald Felton see justice and a killer behind bars.

The reward for information that leads to the shooter is $100K.