Seffner man accused of serious code violations awaiting arrest

Posted at 11:50 PM, May 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-05 23:50:21-04

Hillsborough county code enforcement is requesting its first arrest warrant for a man accused of repeated code violations.

Officers say 71-year-old Cliff Noble, who lives on Phillips drive in Seffner, is a serial violator, and has racked up more than $800,000 in fines and now because of statute adopted just last summer violators can face at least 30 days for not cleaning up their property.

Noble was seen picking up his property up Saturday even though the deadline was Friday, May 4th. He's made significant progress.

"I have one more motor vehicle, motor home to remove from the property,” said Noble. "Just something to make some money. I had no income, my mother owned the place and I didn’t rely off her, and paid her rent

He says he started buying things from storage auctions as a way to make money when he lost his job in 2008. He says he sells the items out of his driveway.

"There’s so much scare tactics, they scare you into thinking they can take everything you’ve got and and I’m waiting,” said Noble.

Neighbors say it's about time. Otis Williams is one of several people who began calling code enforcement 5 years ago.

"The progress right now is probably 100% better than it was,” said Williams. "If you’re going to run a business, you know go to a business area and set up a business legally be done with it."

Code enforcement says Noble did not comply and now it's up to deputies to issue the arrest warrant.