Riverview mother accuses daycare of neglect

Social media leading to more complaints
Posted at 6:27 PM, Jun 21, 2017

Working mom Aubrie Craig doesn’t know where to turn now after she says her 3-year-old son Braxton was neglected at his daycare center.

“It’s really heartbreaking because this is my child that I put in the care of other people.”

Braxton’s mom says for the third time she picked him up from La Petite Academy in Riverview and his pull-up diaper was soaked with urine.

“He was running out the door and I seen his pants were completely saturated.”

Aubrie says she’d complained after it happened before, but nothing changed. Now she’s pulled her son out of La Petite, and is telling her story on Facebook.

Since then, she says she’s heard from several other parents who had similar issues. She says many are afraid to complain because it’s so hard to find a daycare.

“I know he’s a great kid, and I know what he deserves to be treated like and it just really sucks because he can’t really describe what’s going on, so I feel like I have to step up and speak up for him."

The Riverview location referred us to corporate headquarters, but did release the following statement:

"We take our responsibility as caregivers very seriously. Our teachers check and change diapers throughout the day as part of our strict protocols of care. We’re thoroughly investigating this concern and addressing it with those involved.

We remain focused on providing a high quality early education experience."

Experts say be thorough when picking a daycare, and ask if you can drop by at random. Also pay attention to how teachers treat the children and check to see if the facility is licensed.

Aubrie reported the case to DCF and is hoping to find a new daycare for Braxton. Someplace where he’ll come home happy and dry.