Tampa Bay region preparing for rainy weather

Posted at 9:30 PM, Jun 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-05 19:55:40-04
With tropical moisture churning, and the potential for a lot of rain in our area, communities across the Tampa Bay region are in storm prep mode.
Sylvia Mercer is keeping a close watch on the weather, remembering how fast flood water wreaked havoc in her Town 'N Country neighborhood last August.
"It was terrible.  The streets were completed flooded.  The water came right up to the house and flooded every room to the house," said Mercer.
So hearing that a big rain-making storm could hit again is nerve-racking.
"This is upsetting me," Mercer said.
"Yeah.  Because we just got the new carpet put in this year.  She had to have the front door replaced because the water damaged the door.   And i just finished painting!" said Mercer's daughter, Sharon Gagliardi.
Across town in Palm river, Arstella Timmons isn't taking any chances.  In the past, flooding forced her out of her home.  So she stocked up on sandbags Saturday, and is hoping her supply, along with improvements to build up street and clear storm drains, will keep her home dry.
"We never know what area it might be in, you know.  We might have to move again.  But hopefully we won't have to with all the improvements," said Timmons.
To the north in Pasco County, memories of last summer's severe flooding are also fresh for many.  Sandbag stations there are keeping busy.
"We're looking at a tropical storm and we just know from experience last year how flooding came into our yard and we think we can prevent some of that by doing something proactive," said Sue Connell.
"We want them to be safe.  We want them to be secure in their home, and this is what we're providing.  If it helps, that's what we're here for," said Tim Silversti, Pasco Co. stormwater inspector.