WATCH: Wild hit-and-run caught on video

Posted at 9:33 PM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-31 21:38:57-04

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating a wild hit-and-run caught on video in Tampa.

Cell phone video shows what appears to be a driver of a silver car deliberately plow down two people on a motorcycle.

Driver in road rage case now faces attempted murder charges

The incident happened on US 41 and County Line Road around 5:35 p.m. on Monday.

According to witness, Abe Garcia, who captured the incident on video, the driver of the motorcycle confronted the driver of the car after he witnessed the car cut the motorcyclist off.

"The guy driving the car was driving recklessly, like crazy out of control," Garcia said.  "I saw him almost run one of the bikers over, like off the side of the road.  So, then the bikers caught up to him at a red light and words started exchanging, and then the guy went complete psychopath."

That's when Garcia said the driver, who authorities later identified as 31-year-old Robert Vance, deliberately tried to run the man and woman over.

"The guy tried to kill them," Garcia said.  "It was a red light and then it turned green.  He could've just gone straight, but he went for the biker."

Action News has reached out to the Florida Highway Patrol and is awaiting an official report.

Troopers arrested Vance down the road about five minutes after the incident. He had damage to his car consistent with the crash.

Both passengers on the motorcycle were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay.

"I knew something was going to go down... I didn't know that extreme at all. But, people are crazy man. Anywhere your life could end instantly," Garcia said.

Vance is no stranger to the law. His rap sheet includes habitual traffic offenses and arrests for drugs and violence. He now faces charges including leaving the scene of a crash and aggravated battery.

Vance admitted to investigators he hit the victims and left the scene.