Veterans receive free training for new tech jobs

Receive a year's worth of training in 4 days
Posted at 8:12 PM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-23 20:12:59-05

There's free training for veterans looking for a new career in tech. They get about a year's worth of skills in just four days.




“We all kind of are in this group of wanting to make the next generation better than ours,” veteran Chris G. said.

For all the veterans in Monday's classroom, that means serving our country, but as some of these veterans transition out of military life, they still hope to protect us.

“Intelligence analysis, they might be working at local law enforcement, they could be working for big box stores to solve fraud, they might be working at banks to look at money laundering,” IBM instructor Megan McCollum said.

IBM and non-profit Corporate America Supports You are teaming up to train these veterans on a software program to fight cyber crime.

“It affects every industry every device that we own, new technologies that are emerging,” Chris said.

Sylvia Word has served in the Army Reserve for 29 years. She's here to learn another skill to use now while she's still in the military and then when she's out.

“Life is very different but you have to be able to say okay I’m going to try to learn new things before I actually retire,” Word said.

In this room, veterans go beyond a computer program. They network and learn about other employment opportunities.

“We value what you have done, and there’s these organizations that want your skills and experience, even though you may not think what you did in your service is relevant, it is,” Chris said.

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