USF study identifies two areas on campus for possible first football stadium

USF's Herd of Thunder could come home to campus
Posted at 5:25 PM, Aug 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-08 17:25:02-04

"It says we support sports. We support things other than academics. No one's a full geek," said USF Graduate student Tremain Korley.

It's a $200 million dollar idea to bring the Herd of Thunder home to USF's campus.

"It would be more attendance. I think that would bring more money, more people," said USF Senior Janea Irby.

On Tuesday, USF pitched two areas on campus where a new study found it would be best to build its first football stadium --- a 40,000 to 50,000 seat arena.

"There's a lot of students that live right across the street so for them to be able to take the Bull Runner right across the street to get to the game that would be awesome," said USF Senior Demetria Largie.

The first area is on the west side of campus bordered by East Fowler Avenue and Bruce B. Downs Boulevard near USF's Research Park and the Botanical Gardens.

The second zone is a southeast swath of land that is practice fields right now and across the street on MOSI property. MOSI does currently belong to Hillsborough County.

USF's next step would be to figure out how to fund the project.

"I think when it comes to students fees, I think it goes back to the conversation we would have with the students ," said USF Athletic Director Mark Harlan.

Harlan says no taxpayers or general state funding would be used.

"If we had the dollars today we're still five to seven years out," said USF VP Administrative Service Director Calvin Williams.

Still it will be a long time before Bulls football fans watch the Herd anywhere but Raymond James Stadium.

USF just signed a new lease to play at Raymond James Stadium for the next six years.

The concepts will go in front of USF's Board of Trustees on August 17. Then USF officials say they will focus on a financial and fundraising strategy.