TSA changing pat-down procedure to be 'more thorough'

Major changes coming to TSA pat-downs
Posted at 5:58 AM, Mar 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-06 05:58:40-05
Major changes coming to airport security are drawing national backlash after the Transportation Security Administration decided to impose a new, more involved pat-down procedure. 
Prior to the change, the TSA had given agents five options for patting down travelers through security checkpoints. Now, agents will have just a single option for patting down the travelers. 
Airports across the country are already warning employees it’s going to be a "more thorough" pat-down and may involve officers making more "intimate" contact than before. The TSA saying it’s not a new style of pat-down. No different areas of the body would be pat down now then they did before.
This new plan coming in just two years after a report found some officers missed guns and other weapons during screenings.
As for who gets the pat down, that’ll be anyone who opts out of the standard machine screening, or if the alarm rings on one of those and sometimes it’s just random.