Ticket scams victimize some National Championship fans

Posted at 3:25 PM, Jan 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-10 17:44:57-05
The big Championship game also meant big ticket scams. 
More than half a dozen people were arrested for selling fake passes to get inside Raymond James Stadium, and that's just the ones who got caught tricking fans.
Before Clemson and Alabama even started battling for the Championship title, one fan said he was fighting to get his seats in the stadium. 
“It’s a sick feeling because you wake up and you know if that other person gets in the gates with the downloaded ticket before you get there, you’re really in trouble," Alabama fan Andy Martin said.
Martin said someone pick-pocketed his printed out tickets two hours before the game.
“A gentleman had an asthma attack and fell back into me. I propped him up to help him out and made sure he was stable as he took his inhaler, and five minutes later I checked for my tickets and they weren’t there," Martin said.
Luckily, ABC Action News helped Martin re-print his tickets and he made it into the game, but now, he's thinking about the people who probably got scammed with his stolen tickets.
“It did bother me a lot and I feel, I just feel bad for the people who bought fake tickets because they paid top dollar and didn’t get in the stadium," Martin said.
Martin never figured out who stole his tickets, but Monday, Tampa Police arrested at least 7 men for fraud. One arrest report shows five men used fake passes to sneak fans into Raymond James Stadium, charging them $500 each. 
ABC Action News reporter Clifton French confronted two men charged, Richard Smith and Carl Lucas Jr., as they left jail Tuesday morning.
"Oh no I didn’t have no fake tickets," Smith said."I didn’t get nobody into no game."
The men aren't from Tampa. They live in Maryland, and Lucas Jr. is a court clerk for the District of Columbia. 
Martin said he never expected to be a victim.
“You don’t think it will happen to you, and it did and so it was a humbling experience fortunately with a happy ending,” Martin said.