Tampa Police warn joggers to be on alert after two women report being assaulted while jogging

Posted at 5:41 PM, Oct 30, 2017

Tampa Police are warning joggers after two incidents were reported of a man assaulting women as they jogged through the city.

Police were alerted to the incidents after one victim posted online and another said it happened to them two weeks ago.

One of the two victims said it happened to her on Sunday afternoon while she was jogging on South Georgia Avenue between West Watrous Avenue and Sunset Drive.

She wrote on social media:

"He squeezed my butt pretty aggressively and then sped off."

Police said the suspect is described as a slender black male in his mid 30's to early 40's, wearing a hoodie on a dark colored mountain bike.

"It does make you wonder what's going on. Is it something that would escalate to something else or if he's just doing it for a lark to see if he can get by with it," said Cheryl Dillon, a neighbor to one of the victims.

The victim is warning her neighbors to be extra vigilant while walking or running alone.

"We're talking about Halloween tomorrow and the kids having a bit of freedom that they haven't had in the past and maybe that would make us evaluate things a bit closer," said neighbor Geoff Guidera.

TPD is looking for anyone matching the description and acting suspiciously. They are also urging victims to contact law enforcement immediately before posting online.