Tampa neighborhood unites to reduce crime

Posted at 11:29 PM, May 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-20 23:29:39-04
People in one neighborhood want to help curtail crime after another shooting happened near an intersection in their community.
Over the weekend, a camera captured what appeared to be the young men or teens who were involved in a shooting near North Jefferson and East Gladys. Authorities said it’s the third time this year a gun crime has happened near the intersection and the 12 time officers responded to that particular area.
Tina and John Herbst heard the gunshots.
“Well, I want to feel safe in my home and in my neighborhood and I don’t want to worry about stray bullets,” Tina Herbst said.
The couple would like to see bike patrols. They believe something like that could help cutback crime.
“More of a police presence and a crackdown on the speeding that goes down the block,” John Herbst said.
Tina Herbst said she never imagined to have to worry about so much crime in her neighborhood when they purchased their home 10 years ago.
“I want to be proud of my neighborhood too and be able to say no this is a great place to live and move into and you can feel safe here,” Tina Herbst said.
The Herbst family said they have some hope for the future of their neighborhood.
“It was coming up and the market dropped and then everything became stagnant uh and now it’s starting to pick up again and things are being build and fixed up again,” John Herbst said.
The Tampa Heights Neighborhood Watch Group is hosting Tampa PD on Monday at 8 p.m. for roll call.