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Tampa man gets unexpected gift from 'Santa'

Posted at 1:58 PM, Dec 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-15 13:59:22-05

TAMPA, Fla. — They say Christmas is the time for giving, and one man in Tampa learned that firsthand from a secret Santa.

Michael Wilson recently found a heartwarming note that was left under the windshield of his car — along with $300.

"There are times in our lives that do not seem fair and we question 'why us.' It is these times that we realize how strong we really are," the note says. "Your family is wonderful and I wanted to help you make Christmas special for your beautiful children. I hope this helps. Love Santa."

Having recently been laid off from his job, Wilson was taken aback by the unexpected gift.

"I am still trying to process this whole thing. When I reflect I can’t think of a time when I\we were treated with so much unexpected generosity and thoughtfulness," he wrote on Facebook.

Wilson hints that he has an idea who the secret Santa is, but says the person denies giving the generous gift. Otherwise, the family has no idea who it could be.

"With so much negative news, politics, and this overwhelming position people take on their own opinions we tend to lose sight that there are good people out there doing goods for one another," Wilson told us. "I want people to be reminded of this and remember how to treat one another. Be nice, kind and humble."

His full Facebook post: