Riverfront Park redevelopment cost is $35.5 M

Posted at 6:21 PM, May 19, 2016

"I try to practice a lot and I like the courts. It's a good location,” said Ron Segars of West Tampa.

West Tampa has a new park to look forward to.

"A lot of inner city kids that live around this area so gotta get them out of trouble after school,” he said.

Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park will be the largest park redevelopment Tampa's ever undertaken.

"You got the apartment complex there, you got kids, right across that, you know easy access to come across. The playground needs to be redone-- the sand totally removed, upgraded to, I know they got new material,” said Denise Brown.

It's quadruple the size of Curtis Hixon. Add up the costs of Curtis Hixon, $20 million, Perry Harvey, $9 million and Waterworks Park, $6.6 million, and it equals about the cost of Riverfront.

The price tag is significant. So much so, one city councilor voted no.

"I think this is too expensive,” said Tampa City Councilor Lisa Montelione.

$35 million dollars will build a new river center, a splash pad for kids, a family picnic area, a great lawn and new tennis and basketball courts.

$15 million would come from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill fund.

The Riverfront park project is supported by the West Tampa Chamber, the new Jewish Community Center, the Downtown Partnership and Kim Stephens who walks here at lunch and thinks West Tampa deserves better.

"They need it. I mean, right now I'd like to have some cold water. There's no water fountains,” she said.