Tampa Bay residents searching for last minute supplies

Posted at 11:35 PM, Sep 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-08 23:35:13-04

Some Tampa Bay residents were scrambling to find last minute supplies Friday evening.

Everyone is watching to see which track Hurricane Irma will take up our state. 

"I was trying to top off my gas in anticipation of Hurricane Irma, but unfortunately at this particular gas station they ran out before I got here," Roger Germann said.

Some gas stations ran out and closed early. The United States Coast Guard closed Port Tampa Bay today, which means it may be harder to find gas. 

Besides gas stations, some stores closed early too and won't reopen for a few days -after Hurricane Irma passes. 

"No {I'm not} searching for anything tomorrow," Roger Germann said. 

But other people said they plan to keep looking for supplies. One woman we spoke with said she cannot find certain items like bananas, canned food, and baby food. She told me in Spanish she will keep searching. 

From Hillsborough County to Pinellas County, everyone is taking care of last minute needs. Kyle Rowden lives in an area with mandatory evacuation. 

"We're raising stuff up two feet," Rowden said.

He boarded up his home and evacuated.

"Hopefully Hurricane Irma loses her way. Maybe her GPS goes out and gets lost in the Gulf and stays there," Rowden said.