Sulphur Springs family gets free home makeover

Posted at 9:32 PM, Apr 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-04 00:36:12-04

A Sulphur Springs family is now living in a completely remodeled home, thanks to the generosity of a local organization. The Hope for Homes project, part of non-profit Current Initiatives, fixed up the house for free.

Sherrie and Veronica Knight are amazing women that work hard and are raising three kids, a niece and two nephews they've adopted. But the house their family's called home for generations was crumbling and unsafe, until now.

From trim work, to touch up paint and the final pieces of flooring being put into place, volunteers with Hope for Homes worked tirelessly to to overhaul the Knight family home in Sulphur Springs. Before all the work, the house was downright dangerous.

"It's been rough.  The roof's been leaking, floors about to go in, power constantly going in and out.," said homeowner Sherrie Knight.

Hope for Homes knew the Knight family deserved better.  With generous donations from contractors across Tampa Bay and even Buccaneer player Garrett Gilkey, a home makeover became a reality.
With a new roof, paint, and landscaping outside, when they family pulled up to see it for the first time Sunday, they couldn't believe it was the same house.

"Let me look at my address!" said homeowner Veronica Knight.

And when they opened the front door, the shock and awe continued.

"Oh my god!  This is awesome!  Look at our house!" the Knight sisters said.

All the flooring and sub-flooring was redone.  The house has new paint, lighting, electrical and plumbing throughout..  There's even brand new central air, something the house has never had.  As an added bonus, the entire kitchen is brand new with new cabinets, appliances, and a new washer/dryer.

"This isn't the same kitchen is it?  Check it out!  Oh look at this!" said Veronica Knight.

Sherrie knight says despite everything her family's been through, she always had faith this was possible..

"I continued to pray, telling the children everything's going to be alright.  Everything's going to get better," said Sherrie Knight.

"I can feel much safer!" said daughter Trinity Walker.

Now Sherrie Knight, a social worker, has dreams of bringing even more children into this home, confident the family's future here is much more secure.

"Thank you all very much.  Thank ya'll.  Thank you," said Veronica Knight.

And if you know a deserving family in can contact Hope for Homes.  They can be reached at (727) 537-9082.  You can also make donations and offer to volunteer your time with the organization online at