Tampa police ask Pokemon Go creators to remove Ballast Point as "pokestop"

Posted at 4:42 PM, Jul 29, 2016
A popular spot to collect Pokemon may not be luring game players much longer. Tampa police said hundreds of people are breaking the rules at Ballast Point Park and playing long after dark. 
It's a trend across the country that's using police resources. Now the Tampa Police Department is turning to Pokemon Go's creators for help.
"This is actually the number one destination for the super super rare Pokemon, they spawn out here and you just can't get those Pokemon other places around town," Pokemon player Fred Guds said. 
Hundreds of people are coming to the park to collect the rare Pokemon.
"You see everyone with a phone out right now, that's what they're all doing, is they're all playing Pokemon just going between the spots," Pokemon player Chad Qazzaz said. 
Pokemon Go encourages players to get outside, but Tampa police said they can't get people to leave when the park closes after dark. You probably remember, police even had to tase a man who refused to go, then put his hands on a cop. 
So the department is asking the game's creator to remove Ballast Point from the list of Pokemon stops. 
"It is a problem if you have a couple of hundred people at a park that's supposed to be closed at that point it gets to be a safety problem it gets to be a traffic tie up and it becomes a parking problem," Stephen Hegarty with TPD said. 
Some players said losing this site would be a big hit to the Pokemon community.
"I'd say it would be disappointing you know a lot of people would be disappointed, you know you see a lot of families out here, a lot of kids out here," Qazzaz said.
They hope their peers can respect the people who live nearby so the park can keep spawning sought-after characters. 
"If you were to take this away then there will probably be more people trespassing and they'll probably be more people places they're not supposed to be," Guds said. 
Tampa police are still waiting for a response from the creators of Pokemon Go.