South Tampa traffic study prompts officials to install stop signs, speed limit signs, more markings

Posted at 2:27 PM, Feb 13, 2018

TAMPA, Fla. -- "I learned to go one block up to have the cross light to walk,” said grandmother Nora Alidina.

The sidewalk is a safe place for Grandmother Nora Alidina to walk.

 But Sterling Avenue, she says is too busy.

Tampa adds South Tampa intersection to study list for speeders, traffic

"Especially pushing a stroller with a baby, I mean anybody, it's not a safe place to cross,” she said.

Neighbors have been complaining for months now about the intersection of El Prado and Sterling Avenue. They say drivers ignore or roll through stop signs and smash into other cars.

"Anything would be good-- better than this,” said Alidina.

The City of Tampa is making changes after ABC Action News aired two stories letting neighbors vent about their concerns

"What we are worried about is when is a pedestrian going to get killed and that is so scary,” said one neighbor in November.

Our stories prompted a traffic study.

"We heard from you. We heard from the neighbors and we took a bit of a holistic look at this area,” said Jean Duncan, City of Tampa Transportation.

Now changes are coming in a few weeks.

New playground signs, street markings and higher profile speed limit sign are going up near Corona Park on Sterling Avenue.

Also on Sterling Avenue, from El Prado to Euclid Avenue, new, higher profile speed limit signs highlighted in neon yellow are planned.

And at the troubled intersection, crews will paint large, stop lines on the pavement, new crosswalk markings and install bigger stop signs.

Changes, neighbors hope will slow cars down and give drivers a bigger heads-up to stop here and proceed carefully.  

"It's safer. Thank you. Thank you,” said Alidina.