Seminole Heights Baptist Church taking security measures while police search for a killer

Tampa church protecting members after murders
Posted at 2:33 AM, Oct 23, 2017

After three murders in less than two weeks, police are asking neighbors living in the southern Seminole Heights area to turn street lights on and not walk the streets after dark alone.

Seminole Baptist Church is also taking steps to keep people safe.

"What would motivate this person and the bottom line is there is evil in this world," said Pastor Brant Adams, who is also a father of five.


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"My oldest is 14 and my youngest is four and so the four older ones are aware that something is going on," Adams said.

During Sunday Service, Adams addressed the murders telling church members to use caution.

"On social media, through the NextDoor app, or Facebook I mean that’s all anybody is talking about," said Andrea Ramirez, who has been attending Seminole Baptist with her family for a while.

She says they feel safe there. Adams says they have trained security greeting people and keeping the doors locked during hours of operation.

"The fact that it’s dark there in the morning when I get there. I’m a little nervous about that," said Caitlyn Young, who works down the street at Edison Elementary school.

Her husband Jack saying they're careful, but are not letting fear keep control them.

"We’re not going to change anything," said Jack Young.

Adams is also telling church members who ride the bus to get a ride from one of their staff members instead.

"You have the right to walk down the sidewalk without fear but knowing with this sort of thing going on I’m happy to see that people aren’t paying attention," Adams said.

HART is temporarily re-routing bus 9 which typically makes several stops on 15th Street. The agency is also providing police with bus security footage along the route and at bus stops.

The church is holding a self-defense class November 18th. You do not need to be a member of the church to attend. For details, call the Seminole Baptist Church office at (813) 236-5757 or look for details on its Facebook page.