Search ramps up for missing dog after escaping onto tarmac at Tampa International Airport

Posted at 11:31 PM, Oct 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-18 23:31:50-04

One family is ramping up search efforts for a lost dog that went missing after escaping onto a tarmac at Tampa International Airport last week

Brady, a four-year-old Boxer mix, chewed through her metal crate at TIA and bolted from the Delta cargo area. 

The family's precious lap dog has now been missing for seven days. 

"I kind of am numb at this point," said owner Christie Pennell. 

Pennell was supposed to fly back home to Bermuda Wednesday, but won't leave without her beloved pet. 

"You feel so much pressure and just stress to get it done, so it's really tough," said Pennell. 

The family hired professional dog trackers Monday after Brady was seen more than 10 miles from the airport. 

Two trained K-9's picked up Brady's scent in the College Hill area after a grandmother spotted Brady outside a church on North 29th Street. 

"We're going to find her, I know we are," said Pennell. "There's like a thousand people looking for her, a million people praying for her, we're going to find her."

Thousands of people have shared a post about the lost dog online, and are donating money to help fund ongoing search efforts. 

"It's what gives me hope and that's what makes me know we're going to find her," said Pennell. 

If you have seen Brady please contact Hillsborough County Pet Resources at 813-744-5660 or email the owners at