Scott Schweickert pleads guilty to two counts of first degree murder

Posted at 5:41 PM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 17:41:53-04
"Schweickert, I want you to take a look at this picture. You take a good look at his picture.I look at it every single day,” said mother Pam Williams.
Mom Pam Williams is five foot nothing.
"I hope you remember this because you're going to burn in hell for this,” she said.
On Wednesday in a Tampa courtroom she stood 10 feet tall.
"I don't have a grave, a body or a tombstone. I have the city dump with my son ground up like hamburger meat in the dirt,” she said addressing the man who pleaded guilty to murdering her son.
Scott Schweickert plead guilty to two counts of first degree murder for killing 26 year old Jason Galehouse and another man, Michael Wachholtz. Schweickert says he and a friend, Steve Lorenzo, tortured, drugged, raped and murdered the men after leaving a Tampa nightclub on two separate occasions in December of 2003.
"Steven Lorenzo and you, developed a plan to  meet single, gay men, take them to Steven Lorenzo's Tampa home and make them permanent slaves?” a judge asked. 
“Yes," he replied.
Sex slaves Schweickert admits they'd either trade or kill when they tired of them.
The details made even the most experienced defense attorneys cringe.
"I've done almost two hundred first degree murder cases so a lot of gruesome murder cases. All the facts taken together make it one of the most horrible cases I've ever dealt with,” said his defense attorney Byron Hileman.
When the Schweickert and Lorenzo grew tired of the slaves the defendant says they killed them cut them up with an electric saw in a garage and scattered body parts in various Tampa trash bins.
"After almost 14 years of having to go through waiting for this trial, which I shouldn't have had to done, it should've been done a lot sooner than 14 years,” said Williams.
Lorenzo, who's already in federal prison for drugging victims could be indicted by a grand jury for the murders.
Schweickert intends to testify against him, blaming him for the actual killings according to the state.
"There won't be justice until we get Lorenzo-- that's the ultimate goal,” said a friend, Tyler.