Riverside Heights lights up blue to thank Tampa officers

Posted at 11:01 PM, Jul 20, 2016

"Each individual light might not be a lot but when they see it light after light..." said Colette Duke.

Duke is on a mission to light up her Riverside Heights neighborhood blue and honor those who protect it every day.

"I was a little bit surprised by how many people wanted lights. I knew a lot would, but I had no idea how many would," said Duke.

Duke's father was a police officer. She says the recent killings in Baton Rouge and Dallas hit close to home.

"The majority are good people with good hearts, they've dedicated their lives to public service," said Duke.

So what began as a social media post, soon turned more grass roots. Knocking on doors, dropping off dozens of LED bulbs to excited neighbors eager to switch out their porch lights.

"Law enforcement is getting nothing but bad press right now, and I think we need to support them," said resident Charles Prescott.

"They sacrifice their lives on a daily basis to protect our freedoms," said Melissa Polo.

TPD even showed up to witness this neighborhood's pledge to brighten up their night, one bulb at a time.

"We appreciate the community doing this, they are 100 percent behind us. It makes us feel good," said TPD Lt Garfield Neal.