Residents petition to drive golf carts legally on Davis Islands streets

Posted at 5:23 PM, Aug 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 17:23:24-04

The noise of a golf cart being driven down the street is one you may be hearing more and more on Davis Islands.

"I bought this about two months ago,” said Harold Moore. "The cities that have already done this have established standards. Most cases, they insisted the driver have a valid driver's license.” 

Retiree Moore told us its how he prefers to get around. He's got a petition going, with hundreds of signatures, to get golf carts street legal in his neighborhood and plans on taking the idea to Tampa City Council.

"The big thing with Davis Islands is, we're almost a self-sustaining community, so we have that ability to not be on major roads,” said Cristan Fadal.

Davis Boulevard is only 35 miles per hour and back roads are even slower so it makes sense for the realtor and homeowner to take his customer on open air tours.

"With something like this, we've actually modified it so you have a horn. You have lights. You have seatbelts,” said Fadal.

Some small communities like St. Pete Beach and Pass-A-Grille are designated golf course communities.

Some neighbors are concerned that'll mean irresponsible drivers.

"I think the biggest thing we always want to be cognizant of is the age of the driver,” said Fadal.