Bay area women determined to help flood vicitms

Red Cross desperate for donations as needs rise
Posted at 11:29 PM, Aug 25, 2016

"Don't worry about sizes or gender or whether you think they may or may not need it because they have nothing, they've lost everything," said Veronica Rosado.

Rosado knows this because her cousin is one of those people. When the floods hit, his home filled up with more than six feet of water.

"He pretty much lost everything, he has a new born so no appliances, no crib, none of those basic necessities," said Rosado.

So Rosado's mission is to bring those necessities not only to him but to a community now focused on survival.

A simple call out on Facebook garnered donations from all over the bay area.

"The donations were pretty much pushing me out of my house," said Rosado.

But the work is hardly over.

According to the Red Cross, donations are slowly trickling in.

Right now they've received only a third of the more than $30 million necessary to get people back on their feet.

More than 115,000 have already filed for federal assistance.

But the Governor says private donations will be just as crucial as money from FEMA.

"You're walking into a home and there's no long rooms, there's no longer pictures on the wall," said Heather Diamond.

Louisiana native, Diamond just returned from visiting friends who were among the 85,000 to lose their home. A photo from their door step showing the devastation as far as the eye can see.

Jayson Durden says he went to LSU for law school and saw what Katrina did to the local communities.

"We've got our ten year reunion coming up next month, we all went from planning that to how we could help everybody get some more stuff," said Durden.

But its more than just stuff, to those still suffering, it's a promise they're not forgotten.

Diamond plans to drive the donations to Louisiana on September 8 and are in need of an additional trailer.

If you would like to donate or provide a trailer before she leaves you can contact her at 863.224.0711 or contact Veronica Rosado at 813.784.7321.