Fans react to Mike Evans' apology for sitting during National Anthem during Tampa Bay Bucs game

Bucs star says he'll stand for National Anthem
Posted at 5:19 PM, Nov 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-15 17:19:48-05

State Representative Chris Latvala didn’t hold back Monday

He tweeted that Mike Evans was an “idiot” for sitting during the national anthem on a day his team honored veterans.

“My first reaction was one of anger,” he said.

Chris’ father State Senator Jack Latvala took it a step further, calling for a Buccaneers boycott.

But Tuesday in a statement Evans said “I want to start by apologizing to all to the US military members, their families, and the fans who I offended by my actions on Sunday.”

Latvala who was even going to take the drastic step of dropping Evans from his fantasy football team said he excepts the apology.

“I think if there’s a lesson to learn that didn’t like the result of the election last Tuesday, that is the importance of voting,” he said.

On Twitter you can find every opinion under the sun.

Many applauded the apology. Like a post saying “I respect Mike Evans even more. It takes a big man to do what he’s done & a bigger man to admit what your’ve done is counter productive.”

But others said Evans should not have backed down.

One post said,  “Lost all respect for Mike Evans, stand by your conviction and don’t allow media/coach pressure to make you go against what you believe.”

We don’t know if Evans changed his mind because of pressure from his coach or one the businesses he helps promote.

Or maybe he came to the decision on his own. But in his statement he said instead of sitting, “I want to focus my efforts on finding more effective ways to communicate my message and bring about change by supporting organizations and movements that fight for equal rights for minorities.”

As for State Senator Jack Latvala who had called for the boycott: Tuesday he tweeted “Thank you Mike Evans. You are quite a young man. Hope to have the opportunity to meet you someday. Go Bucs!.”