Police going door-to-door in Seminole Heights, searching for clues of killer

Posted at 7:06 PM, Oct 25, 2017

Tampa police officers are going door to door, making sure they do not miss any information that could help them solve the Seminole Heights murders.

"I feel like they don't know who (is) doing it, you know," Rose Waver said.

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It has been 16 days since the first murder and 6 days since the last one. Tampa's Interim Police Chief, Brian Dugan, believes the three murders are connected. 

“There have been people that have lived here for 50 years and said nothing like this has happened," Steve Zinder said.

Officers are stopping by hundreds of homes in Southeast Seminole Heights, asking questions.

“They asked me some questions about who lived in the house and our date of births and what vehicles we had and license tags, "Roger Boh said. 

Chief Dugan said there is limited information about the murders. He said either a killer or killers murdered Benjamin Mitchell, Monica Carded Hoffa, and Anthony Taino Naiboa.


“I’m afraid he might start coming into people’s houses, if they don’t catch him," Waver said. 

People, who live in the area, are suspicious the person or group behind the murders is blending in, making it harder for detectives.

"The lack of information means to me that these killings are happening and he’s going home. It’s too easy to get away," Zinder said.

ABC Action News spoke with several homeowners, Wednesday, who said they do not mind answering questions from officers. 

“Normally I wouldn’t be so open to the police coming around and asking questions, you know, we’re private and I think most people are private, but ….in this kind of extraordinary circumstance.....I’m certainly willing to give them some leeway right now," Boh said.

Chief Dugan said they need help, solving the case. If you are a homeowner and have a security camera, Chief Dugan urges people to register their cameras and turnover any video they may have around the time of the murders.