Police charge GameTime employee with video voyeurism

Posted at 8:32 PM, Aug 22, 2018

TAMPA, Fla. — A well-known Ybor City attraction for families fired an employee after a customer accused him of trying to take a picture under her skirt.

The Tampa Police Department arrested Benjamin Saunderson Zelaya, 21, late last week, charging him with video voyeurism. 

The GameTime general manager called authorities after the customer complained about Saunderson Zelaya.

“We have an odd situation. I don’t really know exactly how to handle it….,” the general manager said.

ABC Action News obtained a copy of the non-emergency call made by the general manager. 

“The owner is asking us to file a report on this employee of ours that’s currently still here on the property - on the clock,” the general manager said.

The GM told authorities they reviewed their surveillance video and saw that employee trying to take a picture. 

“Our owner in Miami actually went back through the footage and found the footage of him actually snapping a picture underneath her skirt, taking pictures,” the general manager said.

Detectives searched Saunderson Zelaya's phone. They stated, in a police report, they did not see any pictures of the victim but had enough evidence to arrest him. Authorities said Saunderson Zelaya admitted he tried taking a photograph.

“I thought that was gross (that’s) disgusting. I can’t believe that still happens these days,” Ebony Bauck said.

Ebony and Shawn Bauck said they are GameTime customers and are surprised by the arrest. 

“I’d say the response is definitely appropriate. I mean I definitely would not be comfortable if somebody who had done that was still working there,” Shawn Bauck said.

Officers said Saunderson-Zelaya tried giving the victim’s kids toys after she caught him. 

“Honestly, I’m really surprised like I wouldn’t be expecting that in a place for families, you know, especially with a lot of children,” Shawn Bauck said. 

GameTime corporate offices sent ABC Action News a statement. They said, “We cannot comment on any pending police investigations. We have offered our support to the investigators and we will continue to do so.” 

Regarding Saunderson Zelaya’s employment, corporate said, “Based on the evidence that was found and what we turned over to the police, we had decided to terminate the employee.”

TPD said nothing indicates Saunderson Zelaya has done this before. ABC Action News reached out to Saunderson Zelaya; he has not responded.