Pet of the week: Beautiful Abby needs a home

Posted at 8:53 AM, Apr 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-08 08:53:45-04

Abby is a 43 lb. Beagle English Coonhound mix who had a rough start to her life. Her original owner needed to give her up.

She was rehomed but her new owners dumped her after just two months. The original owner could not take Abby back, so a lady from St. Francis took her in until a new home could be found.

At just two years of age, Abby is still a young dog that is very playful and sweet. She can jump quite high and event climb a bit. A potential owner should have a fence at least six feet in height to make sure Abby could not escape.

She loves to run and gets along with most other dogs. However, really small dogs and cats could be a problem as Abby may think they are play toys.

While Abby enjoys playing fetch, she will also cuddle up to you or sprawl out on your lap for a nice belly rub.

Abby would love nothing more this Spring than to have her own family.

For any questions about Abby, contact Sheryl at If you are interested in adopting Abby, please fill out the form at or call (813) 830-7251.