'Pastors on Patrol' connects community with prayer

Posted at 6:14 PM, Jul 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-19 01:48:57-04

On a corner where a quarter won't even buy you a phone call, prayers are being sent for free.

"We pray that if there's any difficulty in his life you will take care of it,” said Pastor James Favorite. 

Difficulties in this part of West Tampa are like the traffic here -- heavy and hard. And it seems like even more so when the world is the way it's been.

"We're with Pastors on Patrol,” said Favorite. "Are you worried about the police unrest in this country? The killing of police officers?”

He and those who work with him are determined to make a difference. 

"We're putting [every] effort so it will not duplicate here. That's our prayer,” said Pastor Moses Brown.

'Pastors on Patrol' like Favorite and Brown have been listening in neighborhoods for 10 years in Tampa as a community outreach to make sure people are heard.

"The man in Baton Rouge yesterday copied what happened in Dallas, and pretty soon we'll be hearing about some other copycat,” said Pastor Favorite. "I think there is something we can do to help. Prayer still works.”

So, door to door, leather on concrete, hand in hand, they patrol their neighborhoods. Sometimes reaching out this way is priceless.

"It won't happen by serendipity. This is something we have to work day after day, week after week,” said Brown.

"Praying with them, letting them know we care about them. We are pointing them in the direction where they can get some help,” said Favorite.