New Year, New You: 2016 fitness trends

Posted at 11:33 PM, Jan 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-19 00:26:18-05

We're all looking for ways to torch calories without going through the same boring workouts.

Slamming drumsticks, hanging upside down, fighting resistance coils... Fitness classes in 2016 are unparalleled.

"You literally have to keep changing your workout; you can't let your body get bored," said owner of Soul Rooster Tiffany Meeks.

Soul Rooster studio is in Britton Plaza, and Meeks said it brings the hottest workouts from New York and LA back to Tampa.

Jamming to the music, hip-hop cardio class "Cize" tries to make you forget you're working out. "Row" gives new life to a classic machine. "Pound" fuses music with movement, while burning up to 800 calories each class.

A drop-in session is $10, and any level can jump in.

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To take your workout to new heights, try aerial fitness.

"You don't have to be flexible. You don't have to be strong coming in. That's always everyone's misconception on this," instructor Courtney Kuhnz said.

At New Level Dance, you combine dance moves and acrobatics, just like you're in the circus. The instructor said you'll see results doing this once a week, and it's a workout you can do with your kids.

Up to five people can share one silk, so you can try it with your friends and classes are $15 each.

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Another option, click here for Mantra Fitness' website

Other parent-friendly classes to try include Vertical Ventures' rock climbing gym and Airheads trampoline arena. Both boast built-in entertainment for your kids.

Back on the ground, how about trying a Megaformer.

This machine works your whole body at once, with zero impact on your joints.

What makes this so intense is that you're using your own body weight for resistance, and instead of going quickly, you're supposed to do everything really slowly.

Beginners are welcome. Classes are about $18 each when you buy a package.

"I definitely already feel myself shrinking a little bit which is what I wanted," Anna Katherine Stone said.

Trainers say you need to shock your body to get in shape. These workouts can definitely do that.