New owner plans to transform South Tampa pet resort & doggy day care after tragic deaths

Posted at 2:35 PM, Jul 10, 2017

"I think there's no secret here,” said Natalie Conner.

Business owner and dog lover Natalie Conner knows the changes will be much more than a name.

"All I know is I'm excited about the opportunity to do it right,” she said.

She just bought and plans to transform this South Tampa pet resort and doggy daycare into a safe, luxury facility.

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Conner said she wants “to build this facility the way it should be built and to also have the organization, the training, mechanics and procedure behind that."

The new owner already owns and operates two other doggy resorts in St. Pete.

The complete changeover is a welcomed revelation after two dogs died of heat stroke at the old location being left outside too long by prior owners and management.

"Had I known another dog died there, there's no way I would have put my dog IN there,” said dog owner Mia Norton who lost her 4 year old French Bulldog, Portia at Lucky Dog.

The new resort owner says she's renovating the space adding a senior daycare group, making overnight rooms larger and making sure 'Love My Dog Resort Tampa' is up to her standards.

That means not only the building but the people who work here too.  

"We're hiring for many different avenues here but I want people who are experienced and people that are responsible and people who really love and care for the animals,” said Conner.

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