Neighbors hoping officials can fix sight issues at busy Tampa intersection

Posted at 2:43 AM, Feb 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-27 06:23:29-05

 TAMPA, Fla. -- A group of neighbors are reaching out to officials hoping they will make it safer.

"I do avoid it," said Lexi Marino, talking about the intersection of Kennedy Boulevard and Rome Avenue South. "You can clip the curb, you can’t see the cars coming. There’s a bus stop right up there and if the bus is stopped you can’t see if a car is going to zoom around and hit you."

The Tampa intersection is so tight drivers are forced to pull through the crosswalk to see oncoming traffic, blocking the way for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Sometimes folks inch up too far, putting their bumper into the right lane.

"If you’re up at that intersection you'll see cars going towards downtown Tampa and they kind of swerve around, they just move over a little bit because you are inching out to the road," said Marino.

Lexi Marino is not alone in her concerns.

An anonymous neighbor got on SeeClickFix, posting a warning about an overgrown bush and the large advertisement attached to a HART bus stop. That neighbor say the object blocks drivers' view of traffic.

SeeClickFix takes your concerns and passes them along to the appropriate city or county department. You can report all kinds of things including potholes in roads or cracks in a sidewalk. 

Marino says she's never used SeeClickFix, but hopes something can be done about the intersection. 

When it comes to the advertisement, HART responded to the neighbor noting it passed the concerns to a service representative named Tony.

ABC Action News reached out to HART. The agency says an official will be going out to the area to make sure everything meets FDOT sight regulations.

"I think there’s different things throughout this area that could be improved," said Marino.