Loud boom in Tampa Bay likely supersonic jet operating under NORAD

Posted at 3:56 PM, Dec 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-11 17:56:57-05

TAMPA -- Viewers across the ABC Action News viewing area reported a loud boom on Saturday, which we now know may have been the result of a sonic boom caused by F-15s under the direction of NORAD.  

People said the noise rattled windows and set off car alarms.  

It happened just before 2 p.m. according to viewers.

County public information offices around the area could confirm the source of the sound, however NORAD and USNORTHERN Command posted on Facebook saying it was likely the result of a sonic boom caused when 2 F-15s from the Louisiana Air National Guard- 159th Figher Wing, operating under the direction of NORAD went supersonic to meet mission requirements.

The account said an investigation of the event is underway now.