Local food pantries providing temporary relief in Tampa

Posted at 6:00 PM, Sep 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-19 18:01:59-04

"Just went grocery shopping so filled up my freezer, my refrigerator; so I'm kind of scared to eat it because the power has been off,” said Ida Evans of Tampa. 

Ida Evans’ three grandchildren helped her clean out the spoiled food.

"This gives me a great hope that I can replenish whatever that I lost,” she said.

She's hoping FEMA will help her fill her shelves again. 

"It's relatively painless and easy for them to do,” said Mary Ellen Vegeto, City of Tampa. 

This is one of four sites in the City of Tampa where you can get help filling out FEMA disaster relief forms.

People like Vegeto will walk you through the online process.

"A lot of people are here in tears. A lot of people with some hugs but it's been rewarding,” she said.

Some who stopped in are dealing with storm damage to their property.  

"I was at home but I had to leave because of the branches from the trees falling,” said a Tampa homeowner.

The online process takes less than 20 minutes in many cases. 

City employees are also helping folks find temporary relief from local food pantries and giving this grandmother much needed relief that things are going to be ok. 

"I'm not at the bottom of the pole where you know how am I going to be able to do this and I got three grandkids that I need to assure,” said Evans. 

The food pantries are located at the following places:

306 E. Jackson Street
Tampa, FL  33602
Daily (excluding weekends)

Hunt Center at Al Lopez Park
4810 N. Himes Avenue
Tampa, 33614
9-5 Thursday, 9-5 Friday

David M Barksdale Center
1801 N. Lincoln Avenue
Tampa, 33607
9-5 Thursday, 9-5 Friday and 9-5 Saturday
NFL Yet Center Jackson Heights Center
3310 E. Lake Avenue
Tampa, 33610
9-5 Thursday, 9-5 Friday and 9-5 Saturday