Judge rules Tampa strip club owner can legally grow his own medicinal marijuana

Posted at 10:07 PM, Apr 11, 2018

TAMPA, Fla. — Joe Redner calls it a victory for the people of Florida.

Will people soon be growing marijuana in their backyards across the state of Florida? That’s what Joe Redner would like to see happen after a judge ruled he could legally grow marijuana at his home.

The ruling only applies to Redner, who sued the Department of Health for violating The Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Amendment 2.

“I want to be the father of the homegrown,” Redner said. “I am already called the father of the lap dance,” he said with a smile.  

Redner, 77, owns Mons Venus one of the most recognized strip clubs in the Bay Area. Redner was diagnosed with stage- 4 lung cancer seven years ago. He is now in remission.  

According to Second Judicial Circuit Court Judge Karen Gievers of Leon County wrote,

The judge said he has “the right to use medical marijuana to prevent relapse of his stage-4 lung cancer.” Redner said he wants to know exactly what is in his marijuana to treat his disease. He doesn’t trust the products on the market. So, he wants to grow and “juice” his own.

The Final Judgment says, “the Court finds for the reasons set forth below, under Florida law, Plaintiff Redner is entitled to possess, grow and use marijuana for juicing, solely for the purpose of his emulsifying the biomass he needs for the juicing protocol recommended by his physician.”  

The judge allowing Redner to consume 8oz of juiced marijuana a day.

“It’s a miracle plant it’s a miracle drug it has so many applications, it’s unbelievable,” Redner said.  

Redner said the Florida Department of Health need to follow the law, accept the judge’s ruling and let people who need medicinal marijuana grow it.

“The health department should conform their rules to this decision,” Redner said.  

The Interim Communications Director with the Florida Department of Health, Devin Galetta, sent ABC Action News this statement regarding the judge’s ruling.

We have appealed the judge’s ruling. Her order has been stayed. We will continue to work to implement the law so Florida patients can have safe access to this medicine.

Redner said he wants to avoid the appeals courts and take this immediately to the Florida Supreme Court.