Jennifer Kesse disappearance case featured in new, viral podcast

'Unconcluded' co-hosted by Tampa teacher
Posted at 5:13 PM, Jul 27, 2017

"We truly believe that there's somebody out there that knows something," said ‘Unconcluded’ Co-Creator Shaun Gurd.

It's a new, viral podcast about an old case-- a beautiful, young face who haunts Central Florida.

"This is ‘Unconcluded’-- a real-time, investigative podcast looking into the 2006 disappearance of Jennifer Kesse in Orlando, Florida," the show says.

Jennifer Kesse disappeared more than 10 years ago.

A grainy piece of surveillance video showing someone driving her car at her Orlando condo is the only real piece of hard evidence.

"Our goal is to help facilitate discussion and help bring people forward and then hopefully have law enforcement, the people that have experience, to be able to act on that,” said Gurd.

Gurd, a Tampa area grade school teacher, co-hosts ‘Unconcluded’ with Scott Jamison.  

"We've located someone who we know lived at the Huntington on the Green in January of 2006 who says she did see something right around the time of Jennifer's disappearance,” he says in Episode 7.

The podcast ‘Unconcluded’ has been downloaded 450 thousand times.

You can find it on your iPhone Podcast app for free-- reaching an audience that perhaps wasn't in tune with the Kesse case before.

"Every day we hope that, that's the day that someone comes forward or calls the police and says, hey, I heard this podcast I didn't know what I saw back then meant something but I have this information,” said Gurd.

I spoke with dad Drew Kesse on the phone.

He says he supports ‘Unconcluded’ because it has always been all about awareness to find his daughter.

That philosophy is shared by Gurd and his avid listeners.

"It's important to not give up and that's something we want to help make sure doesn't happen,” he said.