ImmuneFX animal trials are leading to human trials at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa

Posted at 3:25 PM, Jun 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-29 15:39:47-04



Even horses.

Close to 100 have had their lives extended or saved thanks to an immunotherapy called ImmuneFX, manufacturers at Tampa-based biotechnology company Morphogenesis.

"We've seen no side effects, all positive results and we find no reason why we can't have find that in people as well," said Pat Lawman, CEO of Morphogenesis.

Lawman says they've treated more than a dozen types of cancers including bone cancer, skin cancer, and lymphoma and breast cancer.

The vaccine is directly injected into a tumor or lesion, Lawman explained.

The vaccine contains a bacterial antigen that works as a red flag, basically educating and instructing your immune system to recognize and seek out cancer cells while not attacking normal cells.

"On people, the treatment is not like a line of chemotherapy chairs, as you walk in, you get an injection, that's it," Lawman explained.
This biotechnology is now being studied in mice.
"It has to go through all the mouse studies because there is a lot of toxicology, pharmacology, all the package you have to build up to take to the FDA," Lawman explained.
Lawman is not calling the vaccine a cure but something that is promising and can manage cancer.