Hillsborough County's Diversity Council supports sanctuary status

Final approval needed from county commission
Posted at 5:26 AM, Feb 02, 2017

Hillsborough's Diversity Advisory Council has voted in favor of making Hillsborough a sanctuary county.

This comes following a large outcry from people across the county fighting against president Trump's move to tighten rules on immigration.

This has become a heated debate across the country and right here in Hillsborough county.

A sanctuary city offers safe harbor for undocumented immigrants who might otherwise be deported by federal immigration officials. There are over 140 sanctuary cities and counties across the U.S.

'Sanctuary cities': What are they, and why did Trump strip funding?

President Donald Trump signed an executive order that would withhold federal grant money from sanctuary cities.

Wednesday night the Hillsborough county diversity advisory council heard from hundreds of people who believe the county should be a safe place for all.

Nancy Palacios told ABC Action News this hits close to home. Her uncle was deported after a simple traffic ticket.

"He was taken into jail, there was a detainer put on him for being undocumented and he was deported a couple days after with no bond opportunity," said Palacios.

The Advisory Council's decision is not the final call. Approval would have to come from the full county commission.


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