School helps Santa, guarantees gifts for kids

Posted at 8:58 PM, Dec 17, 2015

One school is guaranteeing Santa visits for every one of their students.

Mort Elementary has joined with local businesses to collect presents for their students. The kids will each get two presents to take home tomorrow.

One family is living in a motel room right now.

"Gifts were out of the question this year; let's just be grateful we have a roof," Jennifer McIntosh said.

Her daughter, Diamond, is a third grader at Mort Elementary. The school is helping Jennifer with basic necessities and Christmas presents.

"If the school wasn't going to give something, they weren't going to get anything," she said.

Most kids at the school are facing similar hardships. About 98 percent of the kids are living at or below the poverty line. A school social worker sees it firsthand.

"You actually see the struggle -- We have families that are in hotel rooms, we've had families that are living in their car, we've had families that are living in storage facilities," Melissa Enzor, a school social worker, said.

This year, the school is doubling their effort by sending each kid home with two toys. Local businesses helped with donations, delivering something from every child's wish list.

"It's really a blessing to me, and it's really kind, and I really thank them for it," Diamond said.

This goes beyond any school's requirements, and the giving doesn't stop when the holiday ends.

"We try to help out the best we can because until we meet those basic needs -- food shelter clothing, electricity water -- all of those things have to be met for kids to be successful in school," Enzor said.

"Without them doing this, my kids really wouldn't have a Christmas this year," Jennifer said.

To find out how you can help, visit the school's website.