GTE Credit Union installing skimmer-proof ATMs

Posted at 6:26 PM, Jun 07, 2017

New ATMs are protecting your money and information from crooks. That is what GTE Financial says technology in their newest ATMs can do, so you feel safer getting cash.

“You see the people trying to steal money and data and you get frustrated,” CIO and COO of GTE Financial Chad Burney said.

The company is installing 61 new ATMs with new, skimmer-proof technology, after they were targeted by thieves.

“As soon as they try, the machine will sense it, it will shut itself down, it’ll start flashing red,” Burney said.

The average customer will now insert debit cards horizontally instead of vertically. The card goes completely inside the machine. The magnetic strip goes in first, and skimming devices can't reach it.

"As you insert the card into the card reader, that magnetic strip can’t be read," Burney said.

Each one of the upgraded ATMs costs about $35,000 but the company said a machine hit by skimmers can cost them about $50,000. The new ATMs will be at all GTE branches and Tropicana Field.

The first of the ATMs will be open to the public in Carrollwood this week.