Gov. Scott pushing $1 billion in tax cuts

Posted at 5:11 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 17:11:36-05

The gong is getting plenty of action in the offices of Blue Grace Logistics.

It’s used every time a big sale is made or new client landed.

This Tampa-based company handles shipping logistics for businesses across the country, and the business is growing.

“It really runs the gamut. We have positions from sales to finance, to customer service to franchise support, to HR, recruiting, legal. You name it. We are hiring in those areas,” said Chief Financial Officer Mike Dolski.

Since 2009, Blue Grace has gone from less than 40 employees to 185, and they plan to add another hundred in the next couple of years.

“My department, the marketing department, will be three or four times the size by the second quarter. It’s exciting,” said Marketing Director Adam White.

Blue Grace officials credit Florida’s tax incentives with making their growth possible.

“We’ve seen a definite improvement over the last 10 years in the state in terms of the overall work force, and the incentives that both the county and state provide are very helpful,” said Dolski.

“Many of you know my favorite three topics are jobs, jobs and more jobs,” said Gov. Rick Scott Tuesday as he delivered the State of the State address.

In Tallahassee, Governor Scott told lawmakers Florida has seen a million new jobs since he’s taken office.

And to keep that number growing, he wants to keep cutting taxes.

“With record state revenues, we have the opportunity to diversify our economy and help our small businesses grow by cutting taxes by $1 billion,” said Gov. Scott.

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn was also at the capitol today and is among those supporting Scott’s new $250 million Enterprise Florida fund, which puts businesses in position to relocate or expand in the Sunshine State.

At Blue Grace, they see their growth as not only a benefit to the company, but to the many employees they have added.

“We are able to provide stability for our employees, and they are in turn able to provide for their families, and it’s a wonderful thing that we feel we have achieved thus far here,” said Dolski.

Out of all of Governor Scott’s proposed cuts, the largest is $770 million from the elimination of income tax on manufacturing and retail businesses.