Former Floridian forced to evacuate home during Hurricane Harvey

Posted at 5:49 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-29 17:49:20-04

Hurricane Harvey forced a former Florida woman to evacuate her Houston home.

Lauren Beggins left her home Sunday with her husband, after Harvey came ashore Saturday. She shared pictures of water steadily creeping into her home.

Beggins told us, "within three hours the water was in the house and came in on all sides of the house, which was really scary."

This isn't the first time Beggins has battled hurricane floods indoors. She spent 13 years living in Tampa. She remembers years of Florida storms, floods and a Cat 3 hurricane named Elena.

"In Tampa the day after Elena we were eating at the Steak and Ale on Kennedy and Westshore," she said. "When we opened the doors to leave the water rushed in. By the time we got to the intersection of Kennedy and Westshore the water was up chest high."

We asked Beggins to compare Harvey in 2017 to Elena in 1985. She said, "this is very much like that except more so...I wasn't displaced during Elena or the way we've been today."

Beggins and her husband are safe on higher ground. She's a Texas transplant who's adding one more hurricane to her list of memories.