Families of victims in two Tampa hit and run crashes seek answers

One driver in both cases on run
Posted at 8:49 PM, Dec 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-17 23:21:48-05
A Tampa family is desperate for answers after their loved one was killed in a hit and run this week.  It's the second hit and run crash involving a pedestrian in the same neighborhood this month.
Willie bacon, Jr. lived less than a block from the spot where he was killed on North Nebraska Avenue near Sligh Ave.  His family is hoping their plea will help bring new leads in the case.
"It was a terrible tragedy and moment of deep grief," said Willie Bacon, Sr.
Willie Bacon, Sr. is still waiting to bury his oldest son, back in their home state of New Jersey.  Their grief is made even deeper knowing one of two drivers who hit and killed Willie, Jr. is on the run.  The driver who initially hit Willie stopped and got help, and isn't facing charges.  As his body lay in the road, it was hit again, but that driver kept going.
"Let your conscience be your guide.  Come back, turn around and help the family and the friends of the beloved one.  There's no reason to run after you just totally killed somebody," said Willie Bacon, Sr.
And while police look through surveillance footage to find clues about that driver, a family friend is going through the same heartache.  Less than two weeks before Willie Jr. was hit and killed, Willie Sr.'s friend Susan, lost her nephew in a hit and run crash in the same neighborhood, just a few miles away.
"How could you be so heartless as to leave someone you just hit?" said Susan Shields.
In that accident, a driver on US 92 ran over Tony Terry and kept going.  A second driver who hit him, stopped.
Both Susan Shields and Willie Bacon, Sr. think better lighting and sidewalks are needed.  They also have a simple message for drivers.
"Just please slow down," said Bacon.
While both families hope to see safety improvements made soon, there is a cash reward from CrimeStoppers on the table for tips leading to an arrest in both cases.