DUI driver who killed tow truck driver offers victim's family an apology

Posted at 2:29 PM, Aug 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-22 15:47:04-04

The family of a tow truck driver finally got what they wanted in a Tampa courtroom on Monday -- an apology.

"The only thing I ask for is just an apology because I haven't seen nothing," said victim's brother Jason McGuire.

"He gave it to him. I heard his voice and it cracked," said defense attorney Andrew Parks.

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Gregory Miller is the drunk driver who hit and killed the tow truck driver in October 2016.

Troy McGuire Jr. was helping clear three cars from the side of Interstate 75 south of Big Bend road when he was struck.

"I'm not upset with Mr. Miller. He can't bring my son back. But God knows he should quit driving and drinking," said the victim's dad.

McGuire was a father.

"Due to his choice he made, my daughter is having to learn to live her life without her father," said Cynthia Yateman, McGuire's girlfriend.

Miller has three daughters of his own.

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Perhaps that's part of why he nodded, taking responsibility, for his choice.

"His heart aches and he knows that your family is only here because of what he did," said his defense attorney.

A judge gave Miller 8 years. She also took away his driver's license forever.

"The most important thing we learned from this case is we have to do everything we can to reduce the incident's of drunk driving in Hillsborough County," said State Attorney Andrew Warren.

Two families will never be the same.

A number of tow truck drivers who knew McGuire also spoke in court.

He is the third tow truck driver hit and killed in Hillsborough County in less than six months.