Dog missing after escaping onto tarmac at Tampa International Airport

Posted at 10:28 AM, Oct 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-12 23:07:28-04

A dog went missing on Wednesday night at Tampa International Airport after escaping from crews as they were loading her onto a plane headed to Bermuda. The owners are now desperate to locate her, from over a thousand miles away.

The dog's owner, Christie Pennell, posted to Lost and Found Pets of Hillsborough County's Facebook page pleading for the public's help.

According to the dog's owner, William Gideon, Brady got loose on the tarmac from Delta cargo at Tampa International as crews were loading her onto a plane set to leave from TIA to Bermuda. His wife, Christie, says that Brady "bit through the METAL cage" before she ran into the woods. The dog is chipped but they took off her collar.

The couple tells ABC Action News that they relocated to Bermuda about six weeks ago for work. The airlines would not fly their dog down until it was less than 85 degrees outside, so the dog has been staying with their friend here in Tampa. They had been using the services of the International Pet And Animal Transportation Association to have their dog moved down to their new home. According to the couple, when they finally had everything set to bring their dog down to their new home, they were contacted by officials telling them that Brady had chewed out of her cage. 

"The international pet people who dropped her off and checked her into TIA said she was calm and docile so we feel something bad happened to make her chew through metal," Christie told ABC Action News.

According to Gideon, Delta’s next steps are to have animal control help in her recovery.

The couple would like the airport to allow IPATA officials and their friend whom Brady’ knows well to be on the grounds to help locate her.

TIA says they are doing what they can to help find the pitbull/pitbull mix.

If you have seen Brady please contact Hillsborough County Pet Resources at 813-744-5660 or email the owners at

ABC Action News is waiting on a response from TIA to comment on Brady's escape and recovery efforts.

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