Documents raise new questions about Powerhouse Gym

Posted at 7:36 PM, Mar 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-31 19:38:00-04

"It all has to go," said John Harris, Harris Auctions.

The Saturday auction will includes hundreds of items.

"You have a little bit of everything. In this case, a lot of everything,” said Harris.

Spin bikes to stair machines and weights must be liquidated after Powerhouse Gym Channelside gave their customers three days notice they were closing on February 24th.

"There were thousands of people very accustomed to having their afternoon workout or even early morning workout here because it was close to their job,” said Property Manager Karel Costa-Armas.

Now a new civil court filing by the property owner sheds new light on the gym's owners Matthew Midyett, Edward William Midyett and John Sanguinetti.

The complaint filed by Grand Central at Kennedy says Powerhouse owes more than $300 thousand in unpaid rent and damages.

It also claims the gym owners "continued drafting accounts of its members even days before its last day of operation."

"Due to the economics of increased rent, we can't continue down here,” Matt Midyette told ABC Action News back in February. 

The Powerhouse Gym website claimed they were forced to move due a dramatic rent increase.

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The property owners claim they gave Powerhouse’s owners 31 months of free rent. Their complaint also states the owners didn't pay rent in January or February.

Some customers say the gym advertised a two year pre-paid memberships with a third year free in the days leading up to their closing.

"Everybody is pretty much hoping for another gym whether it be a Crunch or an LA Fitness,” said Costa-Armas.

Complaints on the gym's Facebook page are plentiful, some writing they haven't been refunded hundreds in pre-paid membership fees.  

Florida law requires a gym to refund customers if they move to a new location more than five miles away.

Powerhouse's new spot on West Hillsborough is 6.5 miles away.

"So we clear this place out," said Harris who added the proceeds will go to the bank.