Ditch the Scale: Why weighing yourself could be sabotaging your health plan

Posted at 5:15 PM, Jan 12, 2017

Studies show that by February, and for some people before January is even over, the New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or get healthier will have gone out the window.

There is a chance that it’s not completely your fault though!  There may be one thing you are doing that could be sabotaging you getting healthier. 

We got a chance to speak with Theresa DePasquale, author of ‘Boss to Bikini,’ about the topic in her book called “ditching the scale.”

"You could be shrinking in size... and not be losing weight," DePasquale said.

She’s now making it her mission to explain to as many people as possible that the scale is not the end all, be all when it comes to measuring your fitness success.

"I'm not saying that nobody should ever use a scale,” she said.  “I think what I am trying to express is that people shouldn’t be fixated with the scale."

There is even a trending hashtag on social media showing men and women who claim they are no longer weighing themselves because for many it’s a mind game.

Dr. Stacey Robinson says while weighing yourself can help you figure out how things are going, it’s only a small portion of how she handles her patients. 

"It really doesn’t take into account the body frame size, body fat, muscle mass, visceral body fat, and those things are really important for health," Robinson said.

She says she used 28 markers in her wellness program and weight is just one component.

Dr. Robinson, author of ‘Road Map to Health,’ says there are two really good ways all of us can measure how our health journeys are going without spending any money and without stepping on a scale.

"Two really good markers are how your clothes fit... muscle to fat.  The other thing you can do is to measure your waist and hip circumference."