Detectives continue to search for driver in fatal hit and run in Tampa

Posted at 10:49 PM, Jul 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-27 06:31:49-04

Detectives are searching for a driver who hit and killed a Tampa man and left the scene of the crime.

Charles Slater was walking home when he was hit along 2nd Avenue near 25th street in Tampa on July 1st. The driver was headed east on 2nd when it happened.

Today, the Tampa Police Department released surveillance video of the vehicle they are looking for that is involved in the investigation. They said it's a light SUV or Crossover vehicle. Detectives hope by releasing the video, it'll generate tips.

According to the police department, the driver of the vehicle stayed parked for about a minute, facing the direction of the intersection where Slater was, before driving off.

Slater's family is angry that person didn't help their loved one.

"What type of person would leave someone," Nicole Wilson, Slater's sister, said.

Slater's family said they haven't been able to move past the tragedy.

"If he had seen somebody hurt that needed help, he would have tried to help them and then for some(one) not to turn around and try to help him ..yeah..we’re trying to get past it," Lashon Richards, Slater's sister, said.

They desperately want answers and for the driver to turn himself in.

"Maybe had they waited for a moment to try to help, my brother would still be here today," Richards said.

As they grieve, they pray they will receive closure soon.

"I just really hope whoever did this come(s) forward," Wilson said.

Slater was 46.

“{He was} a very, very, very giving person..loving person," Richards said.

Wilson said of her brother, "He was {such a} free spirit and most of the time happy. He was a good guy".