Cruel joke or out of control vandals? Someone smashed car windows with chair, by Angry Chair Brewery

Posted at 5:42 PM, Dec 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-14 18:54:33-05

A cruel joke or out of control vandals?

The search is on for whoever damaged several cars in the middle of a normally quiet Seminole Heights neighborhood over the weekend.



Sometime early Sunday morning, someone or a group of people, used lawn furniture to smash out the windows of two cars and heavily damage a third.

It happened on Fern Street right down from the Angry Chair Brewery.

“Merry Christmas, get a new window,” said Cara Lowman, who had the back window of her VW busted out.

A witness says she saw three men walking — possibly drunk — around the time the furniture started getting tossed around.

“I was angry, shocked, and just wondering why someone would pick three random cars, go up on to somebody’s property and destroy it,” Lowman said.

One possible theory is that it’s someone trying to be funny since it happened so close to the Angry Chair Brewery and the weapon of choice happened to be a chair.

But it’s no joke to the people paying the repair bill.

Sarah Thompson expects her bill to run in the thousands to fix their brand new Nissan.

“We think it’s mostly just senseless vandalism, ridiculousness. We are really close to Florida Avenue and people just want to make problems,” she said.

Several neighbors tell us Tampa police are investigating. However, Tampa police did not return our calls to confirm their investigation. Neighbors also say police told them at this point there’s no sign of a crime trend.